Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer 12 1-Quart Bottles w/Sprayers

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Alpet D2 12 1-Quart Bottles w/Sprayers

New Alpet® D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer is a ready-to-use, no-rinse, fast acting, food contact and non-food contact surface cleaner and sanitizer. It is highly evaporative and ideal for water sensitive equipment and dry environments. It leaves no unsightly residue, and is an effective sanitizer for those processors who can't use quat. 

  • Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect food contact and non-food contact surfaces with one product
  • Ready-to-Use, no-rinse required
  • 62.5% Ethanol formula
  • Highly Evaporative and ideal for low moisture environments and water sensitive equipment
  • Kills 99.999% of 8 tested pathogens in 60 seconds on food contact surfaces, including Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer is NSF listed, Kosher, Pareve and Halal certifiedrubber gloves
  • 10 Second Kill on non-food contact surfaces, including rubber footwear
  • 5 Minutes to Disinfect non-food contact surfaces
  • NSF listed D2 classification
  • EPA registered
  • Kosher, Pareve and Halal certified

NOTE: This product is not available to ship to  CALIFORNIA or CANADA and due to its nature, is not returnable.